BB sits in online panel on circular building of the WTCB

The WTCB's Vision Committee focuses on developing a long-term perspective for the future of building.

Circular building is a theme that will determine the future of construction. WTCB organizes one webinar and one workshop in which two themes are addressed: 

  • circular building (and urban mining) 
  • and the need for new business models.

How can circular building and urban mining provide a solution to the current scarcity of raw materials? What new business models respond to the increased productivity of the construction chain?

Guest speaker of the webinar is Thomas M. Rau, which has been innovating for years in the field of sustainability, renewable energy sources and solutions to the raw materials shortage.

Colleague ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten is a member of the online panel that supervises the workshop.

Webinar: Monday 7/12, 5pm-6pm
Workshop with online discussion: Wednesday 16/12, 17.00 to 20.00 h

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BB and circular building