BB present at Pixii Expert Day 'From collective renovation to district renovation'

On behalf of the Flemish Government Bureau Bouwtechniek together with UGent, Lab A and BLAF architects studied the possibilities for creating climate districts.

Climate districts: transition process towards the sustainability of urban fabric.

We define the climate district primarily as a series of measures that have been taken to initiate a transition process that accompanies the sustainability of our urban fabric.

We distinguish 2 reflexes:

  • climate reflex: transformation also applies to energy systems, mobility, presence of water and green areas, resource use and waste processing 
  • district reflex : location, social cohesion, real estate potential, social organization and the financial and logistical capacity of the residents also play a role.

We aim for a comitted contribution to the intended transition process, a significant change in mentality and a shared responsibility of citizens, governments and market parties.

This pilot project aspires to develop strategies that can be applied on a larger scale.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Den Bell, Francis Wellesplein 1, 2018 Antwerp

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