BB is partner of Cirubuild

Circubuild is an initiative of editorial office Palindroom, specialized in writing and translating texts for and about the architecture and construction sector. Circubuild aims to provide designers and building professionals with the main principles of circular building, using FAQs and case studies, as well as other relevant content such as articles, interviews, videos, columns, etc.

Bureau Bouwtechniek broadens the support base for circular building by motivating architects, engineering firms, clients, construction partners and manufacturers to take the circular path.

Bureau Bouwtechniek is committed to extending the service life of the building and all its components.
During the design phase, structural optimisations are sought with regard to comfort, energy, daylight, environmental impact, maintenance and adaptability, and during execution, the focus is on a correct and sustainable realisation. Building details are tailored to the project, with an eye for life cycles.  This challenge is also taken up in existing patrimony, where we advise on structural maintenance and assist with evolutionary use. 

Assessment experts
"As a study and consultancy firm, Bureau Bouwtechniek offers support in the technical aspects of building. In recent years, the bureau has built up expertise and experience with regard to circular construction. The focus is rightly on extending the lifespan of buildings and building elements. From the design phase onwards, the project team integrate aspects of sustainable and circular construction, such as adaptability, maintenance and the reversible design of nodes. The environmental impact is an important touchstone in this respect. Bureau Bouwtechniek developed various tools to support its studies and advice. In addition, they have experience with existing tools such as TOTEM and built up expertise in drawing up circular tenders and specifications. The holistic approach of the team is certainly an added value".

Casestudy: Gare Maritime