BB is ambassador for Sign for my future

Sign for my future is a citizens' initiative, which has become the broadest coalition ever of citizens, young people, business leaders, civil society organizations, the media and the academic world that together call on all Belgians to speak out for a strong climate policy.

What do we ask for?
Our government must do everything necessary to keep global warming well below 2 degrees, and to continue striving for 1.5 degrees, as stipulated in the Paris climate treaty.

In concrete terms, this means that Belgium must become climate neutral before 2050 and that we must achieve a substantial reduction in emissions in the coming years.


  1. A climate law: let us set the target to be climate neutral in Belgium by 2050 and set the interim objectives in the law. 
  2. An investment plan: there must be a strong and socially just investment plan that helps and encourages all citizens and companies to make the transition to a climate neutral society. 
  3. A climate council: An independent evaluation of the policy conducted by a neutral climate council of experts.