Energetic facade renovation

Existing buildings require an entirely separate approach. 

Prior to the design phase, an initial analysis of the pathology and plausible performance of the facades is made. Additional material-technical investigations to further map out performance and pathology and thus obtain a clear picture of the existing condition are an option.

The various possibilities or necessities within the framework of the improvement with regard to the sub-performances are placed in relation to each other in a decision matrix: 

  • heritage value,  
  • acoustics,  
  • stability,  
  • daylight,  
  • fire,  
  • energy performance,  
  • environmental performance,  
  • cost price,  
  • maintenance,  
  • aesthetics.  

This analysis leads to a first well-founded selection of the most relevant scenarios on the basis of which BB advises on the necessary studies such as detailed measurements, destructive testing, material analysis, core drilling, etc. BB processes the studies into a detailed recommendation, with which the design phase can start and the dossier can be further elaborated.