Circular building

A circular building is a temporary gathering of products, components and materials with a documented identity in a form that can fulfil a certain function for a certain period of time, where the origin and possible re-use are and remain documented. Attention is paid to conservation, reuse, upcycle and recycling in the supply and removal of materials.

There are various possibilities to contribute to circular building: 

  • Preserving as many existing materials as possible. 
  • Carefully demolish existing materials and put them on the markte again. 
  • Design smart structures in which different functions can take place.  
  • Use second hand materials. 
  • Use bio-based materials. 
  • Attach all new materials in a demountable position. 
  • Document all materials well. 
  • Renting/leasing materials instead of buying them.   
  • etc. 

Bureau Bouwtechniek intends to implement the principles of circular building in all projects. Per project we look for interesting inserts for that building at that location.