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prof. dr. ir. arch. Nathan Van Den Bossche

Specialty: construction physics

Nathan (Ghent, 1981) is an architect civil engineer (Ghent University, 2005). Since his graduation, he has worked at BB's until he was recruited by the construction physics research unit at the Ghent University in 2006. In 2007, as assistant construction engineering, he started his doctorate Water tightness of Building Components: Principles, Testing and Design Guidelines, which he successfully defended early 2013.

In addition to his research work, he often provides his scientific services for businesses, he is responsible for the Test Centre Façade Elements and he is closely involved in the education of architect engineering students at the Ghent University.

Nathan is author of some 50 national and international publications and regularly gives lectures at national and international symposiums and conferences.

Nathan has been working at BB's since 2013.