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prof. arch. Jan Moens

Specialty: wind and water resistance of buildings, BEVAD-expert for Flanders, construction pathology

Jan Moens (Aalst, 1963) is an architect (Higher Institute of Architecture, St.-Lucas, and Ghent) and expert architect (construction pathology). As founder and motivator of BB, he oversees the technical expertise of his construction specialists. In terms of research, he focuses on the optimization of the building envelope using high performance thermal insulation and the effects of nodes on innovative building systems. In addition, he is a member of the CSTC Technical Committee for Sealing Work, where the development of various elements of technical information is pursued.

Since 2003, Jan Moens has been a part-time lecturer at Ghent University´s Department of Architecture and Urban Planning for the training module technical construction aspects of the building envelope. Every academic year, he leads the workshop Architectural Design and Construction Detailing, where technical construction issues and case studies are investigated, and is regularly invited as a jury member for doctoral dissertations.

For various institutes, including the Ghent University, Infosteel, the Construction Confederation and CSTC, he is a welcomed lecturer and teaches "Flat Roof Specialist" by order of KVIK, Cevora and Bevad.

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