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ir. arch. Ruben Van Vooren

Ruben (1994) became ir. arch. at the University of Ghent in 2017. His fascination for building design and the sustainability aspects of the built environment led him to the postgraduate Bio-ecological Building and Living of Odisee. He did an internship at DAM Architecten in Berchem.

Ruben has been with BB since 2019.

From 2021 till 2025 Ruben is a PhD researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Architectural Engineering. His research, under the supervision of prof. dr. ir. arch. Waldo Galle and prof. dr. ir. arch. Niels De Temmerman and in cooperation with Bureau Bouwtechniek, focuses on the role of consultancy to enable circular valorisation of building components and materials in large-scale building renovations.