Solar control, daylight and lighting studies

Daylight and artificial light are determining factors for the comfort in both living and working spaces. Given our vision regarding energy and sustainable building, we believe in the optimization of good daylight infiltration and limiting artificial lighting.

With calculations programmes and specialised software (Relux and Dialux) and with regard to the geometry of the space it is possible to simulate daylight. Such simulations are translated into recommendations for the design of façade openings and glass choices, the artificial lighting, the choice of fittings and daylight dimming. Also included is an investigation into the possible blinding discomfort in offices.

Usually a daylight study simultaneously accompanies a study of solar (heat) control. With the end-user's comfort in mind, we determine the interventions to limit the solar heat load in the home or office during the summer and to optimally profit from that warmth during the winter. On site, BB uses a Sun Eye camera to measure the number of sun-hours on a glass surface. The shading by surrounding buildings or trees can be taken into consideration. For renovation projects we can provide very detailed advice on which way to adapt the windows, for example.

In the design phase, our experts actively look for the optimal balance between daylight infiltration and solar (heat) control. Each factor is mapped separately before being assessed in relation to each other.