EPB, feasibility study


The person subject to a permit for new-built and renovation projects needs to comply with the energy performance regulations that need to be monitored by an EPB-reporter (Energy Performance and Indoor Climate), both during the preliminary study and the implementation phase.

During the preliminary study, the reporter submits a start statement to the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA), where he will also submit a final EPB declaration at the final acceptance. The EPB-reporter is responsible for the correct reporting of the actual situation.

Bureau Bouwtechniek has EPB reporters, who can follow-up those building projects, in Flanders, Brussels and the Walloon provinces in Belgium. Our reporters advise the architect to design with the appropriate building envelope packages and realistic nodes. In this starting phase, the input of a BB expert provides a real contribution to the design's energy performance.

Feasibility study

Since 2007, the Flemish Government requires, that all new buildings exceeding a floor area of over 1000 m2, be examined for the technical, environmental and economic feasibility aspects of alternative energy systems.

Such feasibility studies which are examined in situ, if the application of renewable energy sources is profitable, are carried out by the same multidisciplinary BB experts.


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