UA Building Z

Architect: DMT architects 
Client: Universiteit Antwerpen 
Advisors: Util (stability), Botec (techniques)
Location: Antwerp  
Surface: 7.500 m² (building) - 5.700 m² (landscape)
Timing: 2013 –  2016
Budget: € 12.512.000 (building) - € 256.000 (landscape)
Status: realized 

© Sarah Blee
Images DMT architecten

Project Support I Collaboration

New construction of a passive school building 'Building Z' commissioned by the University of Antwerp for the Faculty of Applied Engineering Sciences. Building Z will be home to the Industrial Sciences courses (engineering and electro-mechanics) for Artesis College and Karel de Grote College on the Groenenborger Campus. The new building project includes laboratories, offices and classrooms.

Building Z is entirely constructed of prefabricated concrete sandwich panels that give the building a unique character. Both the structure and the finishing are combined in 1 element. The massive façades are punctuated by large window parts with passive wood-aluminium joinery and equipped with exterior blinds.

The no-nonsense materials are consistent in the interior: the inner walls of light, acoustic-absorbing concrete blocks in combination with acoustic baffles, provide good room acoustics. The entrance hall stands out for its warm finish in sustainable timber.

In terms of material choices, Bureau Bouwtechniek has carried out a thorough investigation whilst bearing in mind DMT's vision, the proposed budget and the requirements regarding building experience, energy, acoustics and sustainability.

Constructional and -technical installation advice
Bureau Bouwtechniek delivered specific constructional advice during the design of the building, amongst other things this included the building envelope packages, thermal bridge free and airtight detailing, type of exterior joinery, blinds.

Several studies by means of dynamic simulations were conducted for the application of shading with slats for passive cooling for the meeting foyer. Dynamic simulations were also used to evaluate the feasibility of night ventilation and summer comfort in different laboratories.

In addition, a feasibility study was conducted for the application of alternative energy systems, such as a heat pump and a dry cooler.

The technical construction file for Building Z was fully developed in Revit: examining all the construction nodes and specifications, quantity surveys and plans were linked.

Bureau Bouwtechniek
Bureau Bouwtechniek is responsible for the complete construction-technical support of architect firm DMT from the tendering phase. BB is responsible for technical assistance during the design process, the layout of the implementation plans, the development of technical details, the blueprint of constructional specifications and estimates. BB leads the monitoring of the implementation. 
Bureau Bouwtechniek is also responsible for the EPB-advice, the EPB-reports and the feasibility study.

Team BB: arch. Barbara Arts, ir. arch. Michaël De Roeck, ir. arch. Joni Staljanssens, ing. Martijn Vyncke, ir. arch. Yoshi Craeye, ing. Julie Huybrighs