Residential and office complex Nieuw Zuid Blok 17

Architect: DRDH Architects
Client: Triple Living NV
Advisors: VK Architects & Engineers (stability, techniques, EPR, acoustics), Technix (safety coordination), BAS Smets (landscape)
Location: Antwerp  
Surface: 18.800 m²  
Budget: € 30.000.000 
Timing:  2017 -  
Status: execution phase

© Sarah Blee
© renders DRDH Architects

Project Support I Collaboration

Construction of a residential and office tower on the Antwerp site New South. The complex consists of two parts that can be distinguished formally. The horizontal volume, an office building with four floors, culminates in a residential tower of 24 floors with 160 apartments and 3 layers of underground parking.

Prefabricated concrete facade
The building has a façade of brick set behind a deep, trabeated, structure of pre-cast concrete elements, which provide external balcony space.

Bureau Bouwtechniek 
BB is responsible for the construction-techniscal assistance of the architect team during the design process, the preparation of the construction plans, the elaboration of technical details, the preparation of the architectural specifications and the control of the execution.

Team BB: ir. arch. Joris Minnen, ir. arch. Elien Van Gestel, ir. arch. Marie Lievrouw, arch. Tiny Vandenberghe, arch. Sebastian De Meyere, ir. arch. Omer Kurtulus, ir. arch. Jolien Van Bever