Client: Redevco
Location: Genk 
Surface: 7170 m² (phase 1) - 11.500 m² (phase 2)
Timing: 2009 (phase 1) - 2013 - (phase 2)
Status: realized 

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Technical Renovation Support I Roofs & Roof parking lots

Since 2001, Bureau Bouwtechniek realized various technical assignments for Redevco (a major player in the real estate and retail market). BB regularly screens buildings in function of a commercial valuation for possible future purchases and to determine maintenance forecasts for various buildings of their heritage.

For several C&A, Carrefour, Hema, Inno and numerous other retail branches of Redevco, Bureau Bouwtechniek has realized many renovations of concrete roofs and roof parking lots over the last 13 years.

Based on an initial thorough analytical examination (whether or not through deconstruction), together with an indication of possible implementation scenarios and related budget provisions, the client determines if a renovation is feasible budgetary wise and / or necessary within their operational structure and patrimony management strategy.

To effectively proceed to an actual scale renovation, BB provides the completely detailed preliminary examination, the renovation design with estimate, the evaluation of price quotations, assistance in price negotiations and meticulous technical site monitoring at short notice within the specified and agreed realistic guidelines drawn up in consultation with the client and Bureau Bouwtechniek.

If desired, Bureau Bouwtechniek is also responsible for the preparation of the safety file and safety monitoring during execution of the work.

Team BB: ing. Freya Michiels, ir. arch. Dorien De Bonte, arch. ass. Ken Coolsaet, arch. ass. Tuur Van Dyck

Case: Shopping 1 (Genk)
Shopping 1 in Genk was opened in 1968 as the first Belgian shopping centre modelled on the successful malls in the United States. The complex included 56 shops. From the beginning parking spaces and direct access to the complex were provided on the roof. 

Due to the deflection of the support structure (from age) and consecutive harsh winters resulting in water-logging, an acute demand for a major roof renovation arose in the early 2000s. In addition, a general renovation and potential expansion in the longer term were already envisaged.

The clients, an association of owners including the principal owner Redevco at that time, hired Bureau Bouwtechniek to carry out the urgent roof renovations, in 2007.

After investigation, BB opted for the Parking Roof 110 system with large-size tiles from the company Zoontjens. The system allows a phased implementation by which discomfort for the Shopping 1 customers could be limited. In addition, the system is demountable, reusable and can be deployed in future projects. These advantages were decisive in relation to another system whereby a conventional, in situ casted concrete layer, finished with an abrasion resistant waterproofing, is used.

In 2009, the roof renovation was carried out. Four years later, the plan for the renovation and expansion of the Shopping 1 also became concrete and was completed in December 2014. Shopping 1 has been expanded with 11,500 m² of shopping space or 42 stores. On the roof, 4 retail units are installed. Along with these new volumes, parking space is also provided, furnished with recuperated tiles. As with the roof renovation work, the majority of the shops remained open and parking capacity was guaranteed.