Housing project St. John's Hospital

Architect: POOT-architectuur
Client:  PCSW Lo-Reninge
Location: Lo-Reninge
Timing: 2016 - 2019 
Status: realized

Technical renovation support I Energetic renovation
Technical advice I 
Installation-technical advice

Energetic renovation of 8 residential units in the St. John's Hospital in Lo-Reninge. The so-called "St. John's Hospital" from 1920 was rebuilt after it had been destroyed during World War I. Since 2009 it has been recognized as architectural heritage.

NZE- requirements with an A + ventilation system
Substanial energetic renovation of a house with several units, where energy efficiency (NZE-level) and durability are paramount. Because the façade is retained indoor insulation is being applied. A natural ventilation strategy (A+) is being developed based on the existing chimneys.

Bureau Bouwtechniek is responsible for EPB-advice and -reporting with regards to the NZE requirements, installation advice, the execution of the heating and ventilation concept and further guidance of architects Poot-architectuur.

Team BB: ir. arch. Katrien Van Goethem, ir. arch. Robbe Verelst, ing. Martijn Vyncke