Frans Masereel Center

Architect: TV LIST & Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture
Client: Flemish Government - Cultural Infrastructure Fund
Advisors: Bollinger & Gröhmann (stabilité), Eveka (coordination de sécurité)  
Location: Kasterlee  
Surface: 417 m²   
Timing: 2014 - 2019  
Budget: € 1.100.000  
Status: realized 

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© Sarah Blee  

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Project Support I Collaboration
Technical advice I EPB & Techniques

Construction of a new silk-screen studio with exhibition space and archive for the Frans Masereel Center.

The pavilion is conceived as a Machikado or street corner, a place where there is a lot of passage. The different spaces such as the studio or the exhibition space meet in the middle of the Machikado.

The existing pavilion has a very simple geometry, a dome. The design of List and Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture starts from two simple forms, a glass cylinder with a cone roof. The glass cylinder visually connects the interior with the environment.

Technical details

  • Structurally polished floorboard as finishing layer.
  • Reciprocating roof: 800 solid wooden beams are cut and connected under a different 3D sloping surface. Each beam is supported by the foregoing and supports the following, divided into 29 parts and 27 levels according to the geometry of a cone.
  • Visible techniques on the ceiling.

Bureau Bouwtehcniek
BB is responsible for the full technical support of the architects from the competition phase. BB will take care of the technical assistance during the design process, the drawing up of the execution plans, the elaboration of technical details, the preparation of the architectural specifications and the estimate. BB supervises the execution and coordinates the collaboation between the external partners.

Bureau Bouwtechniek is EPB reporter and engineer techniques.

Team BB: arch. Eyukewe Nicolas Dogo, arch. Francesca Crosby, ing. Martijn Vyncke, ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste, Glenn Verdyck, ing. Hans De Neve, arch. ass. Katie Van der Borght