Design Center De Winkelhaak

Architect new building: Stad Antwerpen (planningscel, Coby Manders en Philippe Pittilion), Bureau Bouwtechniek en Groep Archo
Architect extention: Gigantes Zeghelis Architects
Client: Stad Antwerpen 
Location: Antwerp  
Timing: new building 2002 - extention 2004
Status: realised

© Toon Grobet & Jan Kempenaers

Project Support I Collaboration
Technical advice I Safety coordination

Design and construction of a design center in the station district in Antwerp. Design Center De Winkelhaak is part of the renewal project nearby the Antwerp station and already clinched several architectural prizes.

De Winkelhaak serves as a business center and coach for independent architects and designers. The design center has a multi-purpose hall, brasserie and design shop. There are about thirty design firms active, all of which participate in a creative think tank and thus establish a healthy cross-pollination.

©Toon Grobet

Bureau Bouwtechniek is responsible for the complete construction-technical support of the designteam from the tendering phase. BB is responsible for technical assistance during the design process, the layout of the implementation plans, the development of technical details, the blueprint of constructional specifications and estimates. BB leads the monitoring of the implementation.

Team BB: prof. arch. Jan Moens, arch. ilze de Backer