Crematorium Heimolen

Client: IGS Westlede     
Location: Sint Niklaas     
Timing: 2015 –  2017   
Status: realized 

New construction 
Architect: Claus en Kaan Architecten (Rotterdam) 
Advisors: Pieters Bouwtechniek (stability), BB (techniques), Ellen Temmerman (safety coordinator)     
Surface: 3.187 m²    
Timing: 2005 – 2008  
Budget: € 5.000.000    
Status: realized

Project support I Collaboration
Technical advice I safety coordination I EPR

Renovation of a crematorium in a wooded area. In 2008, BB monitored the construction of the crematorium that consists of a ceremonial and cremation section. Both areas have been worked out programmatically and architecturally as each other's mirror image in the horizontal plane. The two volumes are separated from each other by an open entrance / reception area. In 2015, the patio was transformed into an office area with kitchenette for the undertakers.

Bureau Bouwtechniek
For the new construction, BB is responsible from the tendering phase for the complete engineering support for the Dutch firm Claus and Kaan Architects. Other tasks which belong to BB are technical assistance during the design process, compilation of the building specifications, and estimation and implementation monitoring.
During the rebuilding, BB will act as the executive architect and assist the client from submitting the building permit till completion.

Team BB renovation: ir. arch. Gert Biebauw, arch. Barbara Arts, arch. Bart Van den Bossche, ir. arch. Katrien Van Goethem, arch. Els Cauberghs

Team BB new construction: ir. arch. Gert Biebauw