Client: Redevco
Location: Arlon
Surface: 6000 m²
Timing: 2009
Status: realized

Technical renovation support I Roofs & roof parking lots

Bureau Bouwtechniek has been one of the regular partners of Carrefour for the execution of study assignments for flat roofs, since 2008. On an annual basis, BB assists in the renovation of about 25 stores or 25.000 m² of roof throughout Belgium.

Based on a thorough investigation (whether or not through deconstruction) and an assessment of the existing situation, BB draws up technical and administrative specifications, a detailed quantity survey and a summarizing bill of quantity (tender form).

BB leads the follow-up of the work (technical control, -technical cost, organizational) and assists in the provisional and final delivery, including reporting.

Team BB: ing. Freya Michiels, ir. arch. Dorien De Bonte, arch. ass. Ken Coolsaet, arch. ass. Tuur van Dijck

Case: Roof parking
For the renovation of the Carrefour supermarket roof parking in Arlon, half of the roof was stripped down to the support, after which a new concrete layer was casted to improve the structure. For the roof waterproofing and driving surface, a multi-layer system with synthetic resin (PPMA) was chosen and a new layer of concrete applied, forming a solid whole with the existing roof structure.

The roof parking in Arlon was renovated in record time and put into use again by the public after 3 months.