Arts campus deSingel

Architect: Bureau Bouwtechniek
Client: Vlaamse Overheid - Fonds Culturele Infrastructuur
Mandatory client: Vlaamse Overheid – Agentschap Facilitair Bedrijf
Location: Antwerp
Budget: € 1.780.000 
Timing: 2018 - 
Status: in execution

© Bureau Bouwtechniek
© site picture: Fonds Culturele Infrastructuur

Technical renovation guidance I Facade and roof 
Technical advice I Safety coordination

Renovation of the concrete facade and roof of the theatre and library tower of Arts campus deSingel in Antwerp. The outer skin of the tower will be completely renovated without compromising the architectural quality and appearance of the building.

  • repairing the damage to the concrete skin 
  • repainting of the facade 
  • renewing the waterproofing of the roof  
  • energy improvements such as installing interior insulation and replacing the exterior joinery. 

The building 
The 2nd phase of construction of the Stynen building was designed in the 1960's and realised between 1972 and 1980. 

All roofs are executed as a cold ventilated roof, the walls are full of concrete, covered on the inside with polyurethane foam panels. The flat roofs have a concrete balustrade (+/- 1.8 meters high) and various concrete structures. Originally, the roofs were covered with bitumen roofing and loaded with concrete terrace tiles. In 1990 and 1992 the roof was renovated for the first time.

The concrete facade showed a lot of concrete rot at the end of the 1980s. In the early 90s the facade was treated against it and painted. The facade shows new cracks and the whole of the tower has to be repainted.

The assignment

preliminary design:

  • a building physics analysis (e.g. thermal bridge analysis, internal condensation research, thermographic research)  
  • supervising preliminary investigations in the context of concrete degradation  
  • preliminary and final design 

procurement and execution:

  • drawing up the tender dossier; 
  • the organisation and handling of the award procedure; 
  • the technical and administrative monitoring of services up to and including delivery;  
  • the verification and monitoring of performance;  
  • the approval and monitoring of progress reports; 
  • drawing up the reports; 
  • evaluating and advising on any additional work,
  • changes to the timetable; deliveries;  verification of debts and invoices.

Team BB: arch. Bert Van den Bergh, ir. arch. Stephanie Van Goethem, ir. arch. Robbe Verelst, arch. ass. Tuur Van Dijck, Farzan Jazil, ing. Els Cauberghs