Bureau Bouwtechniek maintains intensive contacts with knowledge institutions and research centres.

Since 2003, prof. arch. Jan Moens, has been a part-time lecturer at Ghent University´s Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, for the training module 'technical construction aspects of the building envelope'. Every academic year, he leads the workshop 'architectural design and construction detailing': technical construction problems and case studies for bachelor and master degree students, and is regularly invited to be juror at doctoral dissertations.
In addition, he is member of the CSTC Technical Committee for Sealing Work, where various technical recommendations are developed and established. For several institutes, including the Ghent University, Infosteel, the Construction Confederation and CSTC, he is a welcomed lecturer and teaches "Flat Roof Specialist" by order of KVIK, Cevora and Bevad.

Ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten is member of the CSTC Technical Committee for Fire Safety.

ing. Freya Michiels is an annual guest lecturer at EHSAL for the course 'Safety and Risk Analysis' and at Cresept for working at heights, general construction site risks, risks of explosion and safety coordination. In addition and as a flat roof specialist, she regularly holds lectures at the request of Eandis, NAV, IHAM, Centre for Sustainable Building and Bevad.
As a practical expert, Freya is regularly called upon by the CSTC, as she is a member of the working group Sealing Work.

Arch. Raf De Preter is a teaching assistant and thesis mentor in Architectural Design and Building Detailing at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Architecture, Ghent University.

Ing. Martijn Vyncke is lecturer at the KAHO, Sint-Lieven (Postgraduate Bio-ecological Building), teaching assistant and thesis mentor at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Architecture, Ghent University, and gives courses on bioclimatic architecture for VIBE, KAHO St. Lieven and the PXL College (Limburg).

Dr. ir. arch. Nathan Van Den Bossche has been connected to the research of building physics, at Ghent University, since 2006. He is also responsible for the Test Centre Façade Elements and is closely involved in the education of architect engineer students at the Ghent University.
Nathan is author of some 50 national and international publications, and regularly gives lectures at national and international symposiums and conferences.

ir. arch. Paul Present is a member of the Technical Committee BIM & ICT of the CSTC since 2016. As a BIM specialist, he is often asked as a guest speaker or lecturer by institutions such as UGent and the NAV

Bureau Bouwtechniek gladly and eagerly participate in different research projects.

Jan Moens, Prof. and architect and architect, and Dr Nathan Van Den Bosche, engineer and architect, have a seat on BB´s behalf in the IWT-VIS project 'Renofase': Step-by-step plan for a qualitative energy renovation. 'Renofase' is intended for architects, contractors, products and suppliers active in the residential renovation market. An integrated approach to renovation projects is aimed for. The work plan includes three main pillars: building knowledge and developing tools, encouraging innovation, and implementing the business developed in practice.

As practical experts, prof. arch. Jan Moens, arch. Francesca Cosby and arch. Bert Van den Bergh take part in the CSTC´s IWT-VIS project S.T.A.R. (Sustainable Thermal Acoustic Retrofit). In particular, they provide a contribution to the conceptual research pillar of the project, in which an introduction is made for technical guidance notes. It will primarily be a collection of "Robust details", generic construction details, coupled with checklists to be signed off step by step by all parties involved. This conceptual research is conducted in close consultation with relevant professionals through six specialised working groups each covering a definite topic: joinery, façades and façade systems in stony materials, party walls and floors in stony materials, wooden façade materials, roofing and, finally, installations.

Bureau Bouwtechniek participated in four of the six working groups: joinery, façades and façade systems in stony materials, wooden façade materials and roofs. S.T.A.R. ran from 2012 through to 2014.

Bureau Bouwtechniek joins in the IWT-TETRA research project at Ghent University: Thermography as a gauge for the building envelope. BB was contacted to be part of the users group. From our extensive experience with thermography, for example in the analysis of historical buildings, in its use for damage diagnosis and comparison with numerical simulations, we actively contribute to the project. Our in-house specialists always remain up to date with the latest developments this way. This TETRA project was started at the end of 2013 and runs until the end of 2015. BB is represented by ing. Martijn Vyncke and prof. arch. Jan Moens.

Bureau Bouwtechniek participated in the users group for the TETRA project Building with glass and adhesives at Ghent University. This IWT-project focussed on knowledge sharing regarding structural adhesion of glass to metal.
The use of adhesives in structural glass-metal applications for construction is currently quite limited. This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge of adhesive bonding and products, relating to sustainability and the long-term performance in construction. The TETRA project included an extensive literature review of the state of technology, several testing programmes and some practical case studies.
Prof. arch. Jan Moens, and ir. arch. Marleen Meulenbergs, as members of the users group, helped through their practical experience to determine application examples (starting date: 16/11/2009, end date: 31/01/2012).